Bringing a little more Joi to your wash day.

No Moisture? Detangling Sucks? More breakage than growth? We got you. 

Joiful Bee was created by natural hair blogger Joi Wade to help women with kinks, curls and coils combat their biggest natural hair struggles.

With the feedback of over 300 black women, Joi curated 5 of her favorite natural hair tools into the Joiful Bee Wash Day Kit to help you establish a simple, effective wash day routine to help you reach your natural hair goals.

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The Perfect Wash Day Kit

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Wash day should never be a chore. Establish a consistent natural hair routine with the five essential tools included in the Perfect Wash Day Kit®. Each tool will aid you in retaining moisture throughout the week, combatting breakage to help you see growth, and detangling your hair with ease.


Products included in the Wash Day Kit ($200 value):

Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush ($20 value) - Healthy curls start from the scalp. The flexible bristles in this massager allow your shampoo to reach the base of your scalp leaving it squeaky clean and stimulating new growth. Ready to feel like you are at the salon every wash day?

Hair Struggle it solves? This massager combats hair loss from breakage by stimulating new hair growth.  

Microwaveable Deep Condition Cap ($80 value) - This is your ticket to moisturized, soft curls. After you apply your favorite deep conditioner, pop this cap made from flaxseeds in the microwave and place over a shower cap for an easy at-home heat treatment.  
Hair Struggles it solves? This cap combats dry hair by activating your deep conditioners to bring lasting moisture and pillow-soft curls.  

Honeycomb Detangling Brush ($40 value) - The Joiful Bee brush has a signature design that allows it to bend, twist and stretch while you detangle. Take a section of hair and use this brush in a vertical motion to detangle and a horizontal motion to define your curls. I ain’t never seen a brush move like this (and that’s why it’s my favorite). Plus, this brush is super easy to clean once finished.  

Hair Struggle it solves? This brush takes the chore out of detangling by running through your hair smoothly and ‘ouch’ free. The flexible design also prevents unnecessary breakage and shedding as it works with your hair, not against it.  

Microfiber Towel Turban ($40 value) - PSA: Normal cotton towels cause breakage at your ends and slow your growth journey! This microfiber towel is made from a soft fabric that hugs your curls instead of ripping them. Easily secure the towel to your head with the button closure to turn it into a turban so it does not fall off while prepping for the next step in your routine (or while prepping a snack cause wash day is hard work). 

Hair Struggle it solves? This microfiber towel will help you prevent unnecessary breakage and split ends from drying your hair.  

Continuous Spray Bottle ($20 value) - This 300 ml bottle releases a continuous, even spray to help quickly bring moisture to your curls. No more pumping 500 times just to get your hair damp cause ain't nobody got time for that. *Comes in an updated color of clear and white.

Hair Struggle it solves? This spray bottle makes moisturizing fun and will motivate you to spray morning and night. Mix your favorite oil with your water to add an extra moisture boost throughout the week.

*Orders  with 2 or more items on or after 5/10/21 include a Free Queen hair pin while inventory lasts.

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Zoom NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack
Zoom NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack
Zoom NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack
Zoom NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack
Zoom NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack
Zoom NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack
Zoom NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack
Zoom NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack
Zoom NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack

NEW! Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack

$34.95 Regular price $100.00

The Perfect Wash Day Kit you know and love is now even better. You can now upgrade your kit to protect your curls at night, make sectioning your hair a breeze, and wear puffs & pineapples that reach for the sky with the NEW Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack. 

Products included in The Wash Day Kit Expansion Pack ($100 value):

'Ultimate Protection' Reversible Satin Bonnet with Drawstring ($40 value) - This bonnet is made of a smooth satin fabric that will not snag your hair or cause dryness. We love this bonnet because it has a drawstring to adjust it to any head size and hold it securely in your sleep. Not to mention, it is reversible with a fun, bright floral pattern on one side, and an elegant solid yellow satin on the other.

Hair Struggle it solves? This satin bonnet combats breakage by providing a smooth surface that locks in moisture and protects your style at night (or chilling around the house...or running errands)

'Hold You Down' Sectioning Clips (Pack of 5) ($30 value) - These clips speak for themselves: they are extremely durable (yes, they have been through the shower drop test) and will hold your sections of hair secure until YOU want them to unravel. The Expansion Pack comes with a total of 5 clips to cover you in all situations from wash day to blow-drying, and especially when it's time to install a  protective style.

Hair Struggle it solves? These sectioning clips speed up the process of doing your hair AND eliminate all frustrations while washing and styling your hair by securely holding thick sections of hair in place while you work on other areas of your hair.

'Smooth Satin' Large Scrunchies (Pack of 2) ($30 value) -We all love a good lazy day puff (if we're feeling fancy we pull out that edge control for an extra smooth finish). These scrunchies are large enough to accommodate even the thickest of hair types. Not to mention, they are made of a satin fabric that will protect your hair even the laziest of hair days.

Hair Struggle it solves? These scrunchies combat unnecessary pulling and tearing of the hair (unlike traditional hair ties and rubber bands) because of the large surface area of the scrunchie and smooth fabrics used. You can also say goodbye to creasing in your hair after a long day of wearing a tight puff.

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The Perfect Wash Day Kit

I love the wash day kit because it helped me complete my natural hair routine! Using the wash day kit has made my wash day, not only easier but shorter as well. My favorite is literally everything but the scalp massager doesn’t tangle my hair and its also great for enhancing my curls since i have a twa. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

Tiffany F.
The Perfect Wash Day Kit

From the moment I recived the box in the mail only 3 days after ordering I knew this was going to be an experience. I love the product the packaging and It made my wash day a pleasurable experience. The conditioning cap..... WOW! The spray bottle and drying towel all beautiful and just what my hair needed. The brush was okay needs more sturdiness other than that everything is a 10 **. Nice work

The Perfect Wash Day Kit

I love this wash day kit. To start the packaging was beautiful and the bedazzled hair pin was an added touch. I have used this kit weekly, as I'm natural and have to co-wash at least every 3-4 days. I love the massaging brush and use it for both washes and conditioning my scalp. The microfiber towel is soft and gentle on my hair and the continuous spray bottle is perfect to use when I do my twist outs and the conditioning cap makes my hair receive that extra warming sensation to my hair/ scalp when doing oil treatments.