Joi's Curlstory

Joi Wade, founder of Joiful Bee, is a natural hair blogger who started her healthy hair journey back in 2011. Explore her story below.

This was me in 2011.

Heat Damage + Breakage...
No moisture...
No routine...
No Growth...

and HATING wash day.

After going to the hair salon every two weeks to get my hair straightened, I didn't even know what my real hair texture looked or felt like. 

I went to YouTube in search of a solution to my hair dilemma and after a quick search, I didn't think natural hair bloggers with a tight texture like mine existed.
Can you relate?

People were recommending tons of products, but what I wish I would have known was...

A solid hair ROUTINE is the most important aspect of growing natural hair.

Once I stopped worrying about finding a magic product, oil or serum that would solve everything and focused on building a solid routine in conjunction with what I already had, that’s when my hair started to thrive...

My curls began to bounce.

My hair wasn’t stiff.

My hair grew past my shoulders (which it had never done in my whole life).

And, I stopped wanting to use heat on my hair because I didn’t ever want to go back to damaged hair.

I had finally become my own hair goals despite what the media or internet deemed beautiful "good" hair.

This is why I created Joiful Bee with a mission to help you become your own hair goals by building a natural hair routine that lets your hair thrive.

I don’t want anyone to feel like wash day is a chore like I did, this is why Joiful Bee products are bright, cute and fun: bringing a little more joy to your wash day.

The Creation of the Wash Day Kit

I surveyed 300 women with type 4 hair (kinky/coily/spiral curls) to learn what their top natural hair struggles were. The results showed that the top 3 challenges were detangling, retaining moisture and handling breakage. Each of these struggles was taken into account to curate a wash day kit solution for YOU.

Store image

The 5-step routine is:

1. Shampoo with the Scalp Massaging Brush
2. Deep condition with the Deep Conditioning Cap
3. Detangle with the Honeycomb Brush
4. Dry gently with the Microfiber Turban Towel
5. Moisturize with the Continuous Spray Bottle

There’s one thing about kinky, coily, quote on quote type 4 hair — it is the most FRAGILE. This is why at Joiful Bee we believe that a solid routine is most important in your healthy hair journey. Each hair tool in our wash day kit was curated with the most delicate textures in mind (shout out to my 4a/4b/4c/4z women) to ensure that from shampooing to detangling to drying your hair is treated properly.