5 Reasons You Should Use A Scalp Massaging Brush

By now, you know the importance of keeping up with your hair care routine. Over time, you’ve added new tools for natural hair to keep your strands healthy and look their best.

A new tool that’s been trending in the hair wellness world? The humble scalp massager brush.

A scalp massager is a handheld brush that exfoliates, loosens dandruff, and increases follicle circulation. It looks and works like your average hair comb or brush. Of the many benefits of using one, below is a list of those most recognized by experts. 

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1. Promotes Hair Growth

There are countless anecdotal reports of different treatments and tools that promote hair growth. People who’ve used a scalp massager in the past claim they’ve seen a visible improvement in their hair length, but scientific studies like this one show how regular use of a scalp massage can result in the growth of visibly thicker and stronger hair. 

Another study in 2019 included 340 participants. Each participant committed to massaging their hair twice per day using similar scalp massages techniques. Of them, roughly 69% said their daily scalp massage routine improved their alopecia, not only reducing hair loss but also encouraging hair growth. 

2. Increases Product Absorption

Massaging your scalp effectively increases circulation, which means your blood vessels will be more dilated. Using a scalp massager can work serums and products more deeply into the scalp, increasing penetration for added benefits. Not to mention, it can also help get rid of product build-up and dandruff. 

Without product build-up and dead skin on your scalp, your shampoo and conditioner can more effectively penetrate the scalp, leaving it cleaner and more moisturized. With deeper penetration, you get a more thorough cleaning that effectively addresses your hair's health needs. 

If you’re looking to promote new hair growth, pair your scalp massage session with a serum or product that promotes hair growth and strengthening. 

3. Releases Muscle Tension

When wearing protective styles, scalp tension is very (very) common. We can hold pressure across our hairline, behind our ears, and at the root of the neck. Over time, scalp tension can result in constricted blood vessels, leading to hair loss. Incorporating a scalp massage into your routine can help reduce tension in the scalp. This can also reduce symptoms of migraines and back pain. 

While you’re doing a scalp massage, don’t forget to focus on the tension in the temples, and the area behind the ears and neck can be highly beneficial to relax these muscles. 

4. Remove Product Build-Up

Built-up products and dead skin cells can lead to a dry and itchy scalp that can be a telltale of dandruff. When you use a scalp massager while shampooing, you’ll be able to lift any leftover product, dead skin cells, and dandruff that triggers scalp irritation. By helping loosen natural scalp build-up, these brushes can help your scalp become healthier. 

For an intense scalp cleanse, consider incorporating a scalp scrub every so often. Used in tandem with a scalp brush, you can ensure your scalp is free of excess sebum and products that clog hair follicles and could cause hair loss. 

scalp massaging shampoo brush

5. Improves Your Mood

A surprising benefit of using a scalp brush has nothing to do with hair but a lot to do with your overall mood. One study found that head and scalp massages are beneficial for increasing mental health and wellbeing. This is probably why we feel so relaxed when visiting the hair salon.

Scalp massages can release serotonin, an essential hormone in improving your mood. Using a scalp massager brush other than your fingertips can increase the benefits of a scalp massage. This is because you can apply direct pressure on the most sensitive parts of the scalp, increasing the impact of your massage. Overall, you’re strengthening your hair and adding an anti-stress habit to your routine. 

Our Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush features flexible bristles to allow your shampoo to reach the base of your scalp, stimulate new hair growth, and leave it cleaner than ever. When incorporating a scalp brush into your routine, start once a week. The more you regularly do it, the better results you’ll see in your hair. 

Have you used a shampoo brush? Comment and let us know!

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