Here’s Why You Need a Microfiber Towel for Your Curly Hair

The humble microfiber towel is perhaps the most underrated hair care tool at your disposal for curly hair. A microfiber towel absorbs excess water without leaving curls frizzy, which of course no one wants.

Your hair is more delicate when wet, which is why you need to consider having the right towel. Instead of rubbing your hair with a terry cloth towel, it’s best to wrap it around with an ultra-absorbent microfiber hair towel.  Let's break down the benefits of why you absolutely need a this towel for your curly hair routine. 

microfiber hair towel

5 Benefits of Using a Microfiber Towel for Curly Hair

The ultra-soft fabric has exceptional moisture-wicking properties that draw water away from the hair without squeezing it. In simpler words, it helps dry hair quicker while reducing split ends, frizz, and breakage.

While all hair types can benefit from using a microfiber towel, curly hair can particularly benefit.

1. It Tames Frizz

By far, the most significant benefit of using a microfiber towel for your curly hair is to (finally) put a stop to frizz. Humidity is one of the culprits of frizzy hair, and overly dry hair can also cause it.

Towel-drying your curls can cause more frizz because it roughens up the hair cuticle. A microfiber towel can gently dry your hair without damaging your curls. 

2. It Reduces Snagging

Curly, natural hair is very delicate and prone to snagging. Regular towels can snag your curls as loops get stuck in hair strands. Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, so it’s easy to cause more damage when you dry it.

Terry towels can snag your strands and damage your hair over time. To prevent damage, avoid rubbing or patting your wet hair. Another reason to use microfiber towels is that they require no rubbing or patting. 

3. It Leaves Hair Moist

Microfiber towels are very water-wicking, meaning they actively draw in water. Microfiber towels leave just enough water on your hair to allow leave-in styling products to set your curls and spirals in place.

But, it dries it enough to set your curls but not so much that you’ll be left with frizz. Microfiber towels only absorb excess water from wet hair. They won’t leave it thristing for moisture, giving you better control over the amount of product you apply to your hair post-shower. 

4. It Reduces Breakage

Natural curls and coils are incredibly delicate and sensitive to damage. Microfiber towels reduce breakage by eliminating the need to wring, rub, and blow-dry textured hair. Using a microfiber towel puts less stress on your curls. 

5. It Reduces Blow-Drying and Diffusing Time

With most of the water already out of your hair, you can expect your blow-dry time to be cut at least by half. By reducing blow-drying time, you’re reducing the time your hair is exposed to direct heat and heat damage.

In addition, since your hair will be left primarily dry, with reduced frizz, you may be more inclined to let go of the blow-dry and leave it to air dry without worrying about dull curls.

How to Use a Microfiber Towel to Care for Curly Hair

As a rule of thumb, avoid rubbing your curls as you dry them to prevent breakage. To get the most out of your microfiber towel, follow these tips:

  • Rotate the towel to use a dry section of the towel to remove excess moisture efficiently.
  • Always squeeze upwards from the mid-section of the hair to the scalp to avoid disrupting curl clumps. 
  • Flip your head upside down and scrunch with the towel working in small sections to dry your hair. 
  • Scrunch as much water as you can from the mid-section of your hair to the roots to avoid flat roots. Allow your hair to dry a bit and then scrunch again with your hands.
  • Always work in small sections to prevent disrupting your curl clumps and prevent pulling. 
yellow microfiber towel for curly hair

The Joiful Bee Microfiber Turban Hair Towel gets excess water from your hair without causing frizz or breakage. It’s a large size, making it perfect for plopping, plus it comes with a button closure to instantly turn it into a turban, so it gives you a hands-free routine. 

Have you used a microfiber towel before? Did you notice a difference from using a regular terry cloth towel? Let us know! 

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