Wash Day Routine for Type 4 Natural Hair



Apply shampoo to your scalp and use the massager in a circular motion. Work In 4 sections to make things easier. Rinse.

Deep Condition

Place cap in microwave for 30 sec., flip inside-out and microwave for another 30 sec. (repeat). Apply a deep conditioner and a plastic cap to your hair. Place microwaved cap over everything for 20 min.


Before rinsing out your conditioner, lightly finger detangle each section before detangling sections with the brush. First, brush vertically to detangle and after, brush horizontally to define your curls.


Rinse out all product and put hair Into 4 large twists. Squeeze out excess water and wrap hair In towel, securing the button at the top of your head. Style as usual.


Mix water and your fave oil In the spray bottle and use daily to lightly dampen hair. In the morning before styling for the day and at night before wrapping your satin scarf for bed.

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The kit is the best. The first time I used the kit my hair was so soft with minimal breakage. Everything included in the kit is a blessing to beautiful natural hair. I recommend this kit to all natural women and children. I can’t wait until my next wash day. After reading the instruction I have developed a weekly wash day. Everyday I will use the spray bottle to moisturize my beautiful soft hair. Joi Wade you are truly a blessing. May God continue to provide you with wisdom to create more hair products. Thank you


I just got my kit today and I’m going to use it tonight

Cathy Williams

Received my kit today, so excited to use it this weekend.

Khadijah Avery

I have not received my kit yet but I am excited to use everything but I want make sure I use everything correctly. Especially since this is my first time using the deep condition cap. For the deep condition section it says microwave for 30 sec., flip inside-out and microwave for another 30 sec. (repeat). Do you do this once for both sides (inside/out) before putting the caps on?

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